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The Process

The planning process, which will guide the development of the Plan, will be structured as six phases of work which includes:

  1. Consensus building and stakeholder engagement program

  2. Project familiarization and scoping

  3. Best practices research

  4. Draft Strategic Action Plan

  5. Stakeholder and public review of draft Strategic Action Plan

  6. finalize Strategic Action Plan. 


In addition to gathering community-driven input, the creative team will travel to the Corridor to meet with the Commission, tour major cultural assets, and review operation procedures and expenses. During the third phase of work the creative team will conduct analyses of other cultural heritage/cultural destinations and districts with comparable characteristics of the Corridor and will document best practices and revenue generating strategies.  


The Strategic Action Plan will be guided by community, agency and stakeholder feedback, and best practices will be used to formulate the Plan. Once the Strategic Action Plan is drafted, Moody Nolan will present key elements of the Draft plan to the community to provide feedback. 


The final Plan will include short-, medium-, and long-term strategies to meet the goals for the Commission and the investment area and will provide deliverables for a business and operational plan, a marketing and communications plan, and an investment area capital plan for the Corridor. 

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