Your support allows us to continue to honor the African Americans who had a hand in shaping the culture in Buffalo.

The Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission is an advocate for the community and the historic places within the neighborhoods surrounding Michigan Avenue. Our anchor organizations are the Michigan Street Baptist Church, the Rev. J. Edward Nash House Museum, the Historic Colored Musicians Club, and WUFO Black History Radio Collective. By banding together, we make sure that the history and heritage of the Corridor is preserved for generations to come. Strength is in our numbers and YOU can help preserve the legacy of the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor.

Help us restore and reinvigorate our Corridor by supporting our planned year-round events and activities with your gracious gift. Your gift will help us to maintain our existing programs that include our Speaker Series, Virtual and In-Person Tours, and Community Beautification Days. In addition to our existing programs, we are in the process of creating Sponsored School Field Trips, Special Exhibitions, and Arts Programs that speak to the heritage of the Corridor. Your gift will directly benefit the implementation of these programs. 


If you prefer to have your gift go to one of our valued anchors please list in on the drop down of the donation page.  

Thank you for your support.