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The FREETHEM Walkers

TheChallengerNews by Jennifer Strickland Update May 22, 2021

There’s a small army of soldiers who are courageous, focused, and determined, to fulfill the mission of Kelly Diane Galloway, our world’s contemporary Harriet “Moses” Tubman. Ms. Galloway and 14 others began their walk from Lynchburg, VA to Buffalo, NY, May 3, 2021.

They’re traveling along one of the routes of the Underground Railroad, the best kept secret, of the 19th century, for leading enslaved African Americans from bondage in the southern states to freedom in the north and Canada.

Ms. Galloway, the visionary and founder of Project Mona’s House, a program of the Christian Humanitarian organization, Ramp Global Ministries, that helps those who are homeless, orphaned, and exploited through human trafficking (, knows that more attention and energy must be given to the eradication of these offenses against humanity.

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