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Michigan to Receive $50,000 from National Trust!

Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission has received $50,000 from the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund, a program from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

This funding will allow us to move forward with the creation of a MSAAHCC Headquarters and Visitor Center with a Michigan Street Black-Owned Business Incubator Program, which was a key project identified in our Strategic Plan. Funding from the National Trust will enable us to continue our planning process and our efforts to engaging in valuable and necessary assessments to bring our vision to fruition.

Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission is one of 33 organizations to receive a total of $3 million in grant funding to advance ongoing preservation activities for historic places such as sites, museums, and landscapes that represent African American cultural heritage. With more than $80 million in funding, the Action Fund is the largest U.S. resource dedicated to the preservation of African American historic places.

Now in its fifth year, the Action Fund has supported 160 places through its National Grant Program for a total investment of $12.4 million. This year’s list further demonstrates the beauty and complexity of African American life, and includes historic sites tied to Black arts, culture, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, sports, medicine, education, religion, and social justice. These often-overlooked places hold aspects of history that must be protected—and used to draw inspiration and wisdom for the benefit of all Americans.

To learn more about this program and this year’s grant recipients, visit

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