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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

What is the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor? 


We are a collaborative effort on Buffalo's East Side that strives to reinvigorate our historic neighborhoods by lifting up our shared stories of courage, creativity, community and faith through stewardship and promotion of four cultural anchors.

The Anchors


The Michigan Street Baptist Church - A Safe Space - built in 1845 by its first pastor, Samuel Davis, a freedom seeker and talented brick mason, the Church became a beacon of community pride and  is known as one of the last stops on the Underground Railroad. 

Nash House Museum - A Contemplative Space -  As pastor of the Michigan Street Baptist Church from 1892-1953, Reverend J. Edward Nash and his wife, Frances J. Nash occupied this home near the church. Reverend Nash was widely known and respected in Buffalo and was instrumental in many efforts to gain benefits for African Americans in the community.

Historic Colored Musicians Club & Jazz Museum, - A Creative Space - Having been barred from entry to the single available musicians’ union, Black musicians in Buffalo formed the first Black musicians’ union, Buffalo Local 533, in 1917. The Colored Musicians Club was subsequently established creating a space for local aspiring and well known musicians gathered to collaborate and to showcase their musicianship. Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and many other notable artists visited the club.

WUFO Black Radio History Collective. - A Celebration Space for Black Music -  As a Black History Radio Museum established in 2018, WUFO celebrates the ingenuity and power of Black music genres including soul, rhythm and blues, and gospel. WUFO Radio has been instrumental since its establishment in keeping the African American community informed of current events for over six decades.

What do we do? 

  1. Operate a Museum Campus -We research, collect, conserve, interpret and exhibit tangible and intangible heritage related to Buffalo's African American history. 

  2. Drive Economic Development - We stimulate revitalization of the neighborhoods surrounding the Michigan Street Corridor by connecting opportunities between local Black owned-businesses and State related development efforts.

  3. Community Advocacy - We offer community-centered programs that stress the importance of social change, opportunities, and legacy. 

How you can help! 


Donate to the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor. Donations help us serve as the connector of the past, present and the future for the historic neighborhoods within the Corridor as we strive to integrate African American’s cultural significance and impact into Buffalo’s and our nation’s rich history.

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