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Vibrant Lives. Vibrant Stories. 

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In honor of Black History month, we are launching a new series that focuses on the lives and stories of individuals who made the corridor home. During the month of February we will release a new story every week. Afterwards, this will become a monthly feature. Please feel free to email us suggestions on who we should include next. 

Many of the individuals featured this series have not be celebrated as they should. We hope this series inspires you to read more about the lives of these individuals on your own and foster continued scholarship into the lives of Buffalo's vibrant African-American history. If you have any additional information about any of the individuals featured, please share it with us. 

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Jesse W. Clipper
WWI Hero
James Monroe Whitfield
19th Century Poet
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Frances Nash
First Lady of the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church
King Peterson
"First" Black Mayor of Buffalo
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Henry Moxley
African Vine Street Reformer
Mrs. Detroit D Walker
First African American Head Nurses at Millard Fillmore Hospital
Dr. Eva Noles
First African American Woman to be trained as a Nurse in Buffalo
Mary B. Talbert
Turn of the Century Reformer
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Ann Montgomery
Owner of The Little Harlem
William Wells Brown
Freedom Seeker, Writer, & Activist
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Samuel Davis
Teacher, Pastor, Abolitionist 
Bettie Spencer Davis
Teacher & Activist
Dr. Joseph Robert Love
Teacher, Preacher, & Writer
Dr. George Edward Blackman
Prominent Physician 
Holiday Photo Challenge2.jpg
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